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Holling Enterprises is a company that has developed a broad reach into several different markets.  Our business is focused on supporting our clients and subsidiary brands through our divisions in Government Services, Commercial Aviation, Food & Beverage, and Media & Communications.

Government Solutions


We provide ready, relevant, and timely scientific and engineering support.  Whether you require materials analysis, design engineering, or manufacturing; we provide it all.  Our in-house engineering team consists of FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER), mechanical, and electrical engineers.  We have designed, manufactured, tested, and certified work products for multiple USG client agencies. Our engineering team is ready to tackle your next project and deliver on time and within budget. 

With complete machining capability and a robust vendor supply system we can manufacture both metal and composite based structures and components.

We also provide support to test & evaluation programs, providing relevant analysis and support for government test programs.


Our supply chain managers are experts in warehousing and inventory management.  We provide warehousing services for customer inventories both at their sites and our centralized warehousing location.  Our proven processes and certified material tracking system ensures accurate and timely implementation and return of rotables to and from your inventory.  Our technicians and program managers are experts in demilitarization and excess inventory disposal.  Our expertise allows for the safe removal of usable aircraft systems and components.  We maintain a vast network of certified vendors whom provide other parts, components, and services to ensure the fastest return to service of your parts and AOG status aircraft.

Networking & Security


When it comes to supporting infrastructure construction, IT networking and security services are essential. Our company provides affordable and relevant solutions that make use of the most up-to-date training tools and data. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that your infrastructure is secure and your network is running smoothly. You can trust us to deliver the best IT networking and security services for your construction project.

Food & Beverage 


Beginning in 2023, we formed

FOX-THREE COFFEE in order to bring a premium-blend coffee brand to market. 

FOX-THREE COFFEE is known for it's delicious, rich flavor profiles and smooth finish upon the palette.  Using coffee beans ethically sourced from

Latin America and Africa, we provide coffee products that can be found in home, office, and aircraft hangar kitchens & break rooms worldwide.

We are proud to



For more information and to purchase, please visit

Commercial Aviation 

Our 14CFR Part 145 Repair Station (Certificate # 8HER645C) is ready to meet your aviation support needs.  We support a wide range of aircraft from Experimental category to large-size multi-engine aircraft.  Our AS9100 compliant quality system, coupled with our 14CFR Part 145 Quality and Operations Specifications ensures safe, efficient, and lasting modifications and repairs are made to our client aircraft.  

We support customer flight operations with experienced aircrew and aircraft maintenance personnel.  Our aircrew support both fixed-wing and rotary-wing flight operations requirements. Our flightline technicians are the most experienced in supporting Operational Level unscheduled maintenance, launch, recovery, and special inspections.


From helicopters to Mach 2+ fighters, and everything in between, we can meet your flight operations support requirements in the most cost-effective manner. 


Whether it is a critical flight test, range clearing mission, training flight, or any other flight operation that demands the highest quality support: We Support the Mission. 

Media & Communications

Our Media & Communications division produces epic video and audio content that tell amazing stories and provide endless entertainment to audiences worldwide.  We provide high-quality aviation themed entertainment that can be enjoyed by all age groups and demographics.

The "At The Merge" podcast is broadcast on numerous media outlets including Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Youtube, among others.

Direct to consumer aviation visual media is presented on the At The Merge website and social media outlets.

To view and learn more, including sponsorship and brand placement opportunities, please visit

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