Humble:  Originally formed in 2012 with a single toolkit and a truck, the company is rooted in the tenet of "We Support The Mission".  We do these things not to seek glory or recognition, but to ensure our clients are successful.  We focus on your needs versus our own, and utilize all of our skillsets to achieve mission success. This single minded focus leads to a better product; whether it be a technical paper, aircraft modification, or flight support operation.  We support the mission by making your requirements, our requirements.

Credible:  We do not advertise to have capabilities that we do not currently possess.  If we say we can perform a task, it is because we have already done so and possess the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities to do so for you.  Our Past Performance speaks for itself.

Approachable:  Not only do we welcome feedback, we actively seek it out.  Effective brief/debrief methodology is paramount to our ability to employ lessons learned before, during, and after the conclusion of any activity we perform.  Our quest for enhanced performance for our clients mandates that we remain always approachable and open to client feedback.

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